I’m pulled away.

Can’t stay,

won’t stay.

Won’t make time

for the things that I‘m

supposed to say.


The trust is wrong.

Same song,

loose tongue.

Forgotten lines

remind me what shines.

Just sing along.


You say we’ve all got it made.

Sunny days just fade away.

No more time to sit and play.

We’ve lost the war to win you over.


But you still want your way,

and your hand is fanned so close.

No more moves to fix the dose.

I’ve lost the war and now it’s over.


Inside the folds.

Air holes.

Same souls

left to make

one more big mistake.

Reverse the roles.


Apathy, truth,


No use

thinking or

allowing time for

it to get loose.


You say we’ve got it made.

Sunny days just fade away.

No more time to while away.

Yet the war is lost, the war is over.


Still, you want your say,

yet your mouth is closed tight;

hiding shadows in the light.

Victims of war, its dark sweeping over.

Humble beginnings

I saw friends do it, I saw professionals do it and I wondered, "Why don't I do it?"

Ever since I started taking part in Stack Overflow, I have been frustrated to find that sometimes, there is so much more to write than just a question, an answer or an occasional witty comment (or perhaps, more correctly, occasionally witty). Things the likes of Jon Skeet, Eric Lippert, Jeff Atwood and many other Stack Overflow participants blog about all the time, things born from hours and days spent making mistakes solving problems at home or at work, things NSFF (Not Suitable For Facebook – I like my friends just enough not to geek out in front of them like that).

But wait, there's more1

Not only did I have blog envy, but this year I started attending the Ann Arbor .NET Developers group meetings. Through AADND, not only have I met some fascinating people, but I have also learned about some fascinating things. From the .NET Micro Framework to the Windows Workflow Foundation (did you know version 4 was a complete rewrite? me neither), my mind was awash with ideas, projects and procrastination and while I tinkered with and tweeted about these things, deep down, I harboured a desire to do more and to say more. I could not contain it any longer, so here we are.

I intend to blog about anything and everything from my songwriting and recording to my DIY disasters improvisations, but mostly, I expect I will blog about programming. I hope that I'll provide some useful insight or perhaps just useful instruction so others don't have to repeat my mistakes, but most importantly, I hope that I'll learn a few things along the way.

So far in life I've been a software engineer, a strawberry picker, an ostrich farmer, a barman, a sarcastic git, a singer, a runner, a cook, an ex-pat and a gamer (sometimes several at once). I'm often amazed at the things I don't know and I'm always somewhat abstract. I saw friends do it, I saw professionals do it and I wondered, "Why don't I do it?" So I did.

Thanks for stopping by.

1it would be a short blog if there weren't