Happy New Year, everyone! I missed my opportunity to post last week since I was on vacation at the beginning of the year and then at CodeMash immediately afterwards. This year, CareEvolution sponsored two days of NodeBot hacking during the CodeMash precompilers. I did not do a comprehensive survey, but it seemed that everyone had a fun time while learning a little something about building robots programmed using Johnny Five and NodeJS.

Besides walking around and helping people out when facing various problems with their bots, I was master of ceremonies (more commonly known as 'emcee') for the battles at the end of each day. On Thursday afternoon I presented our sponsor session on the culture we have in the CareEvolution workplace. Finally, we also had an open house on Thursday night where attendees could see some of the cool bots that had been created, ask questions, and witness a few exhibition matches.

#Nodebots Day Two! #codemash

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We have started the line following time trials. #Codemash #nodebots

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#Codemash #Nodebots is a lively precompiler on day one. /cc @nodebots_cm @Codemash

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All in all it was a busy and very successful CodeMash for everyone who helped put on all the NodeBots events. If you took part, we would love to hear what you liked or disliked about any of the NodeBots-related sessions at CodeMash this year.

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