Resolving XML references from embedded resources

Recently, I wanted to validate some XML via an XSD schema. Due to some product constraints and intentions regarding versioning, the schema is an embedded resource and is referenced via the noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute.

When loading XML in .NET, you can specify an XmlResolver via the XmlReaderSettings . As stated in MSDN, the default uses a new XmlUrlResolver without credentials. This works great when the file is local on disk, but not when it is squirreled away inside my resources.

What I needed was a special version of XmlResolver that understood how to find my embedded schemas. So I created a derivation, XmlEmbeddedResourceResolver, to do just that.

When asked to find a file-based reference, this steps in and looks in embedded resources first for a file of the same name. Since the file could be namespaced anywhere in the resources, I opted to look for any resource in any namespace with the same file name. If it is there, it loads it, otherwise it defers to the base implementation. This means there is no easy way to override the embedded file with a local one; however, that could be redressed by calling the base implementation first and then only searching embedded resources if that failed.

Note that I also implemented the async methods. I am certain my implementation is a little naive, but it generally works. Just be careful if you allow this to be used asynchronously as I discovered you can very easily create a deadlock when used in conjunction with locks. This is not necessarily a caveat of my implementation, but of asynchronous programming in general.

Hopefully, others will find this useful. Let me know in the comments if you use this or something similar.

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