Differences of Opinion

This was originally a status post I made on my Facebook timeline, but I thought it was worth sharing outside of that walled garden. I've edited it to account for the change in context (this being my blog, not Facebook), but only a little.

I am very happy to have a lot of wonderful friends from both sides of the political fence; they challenge my thinking and I value that. I hope all my friends understand that while we may not always agree, I appreciate their friendship and their willingness to accept our differences as I do.

However, I also accept that at some point, my views may push some away, as it did yesterday when a perhaps ill-considered post on Facebook led someone to un-friend me. It is a shame when someone chooses to walk away (figuratively or otherwise), but it happens.

I disagree with many people. I may or may not believe in God though I do believe in what I was taught as a Christian. I get things wrong. I am quick to judge sometimes and act on impulse. I don't believe it is right to force spiritual and religious beliefs on others. I accept that others have different beliefs than mine. I don't know if there is a God or not, though I think not. However, I do know that if God exists, He made me this way for a reason. I believe He wouldn't appreciate the heinous things people do in His name. I believe everyone deserves the same rights for a reason, regardless of their race, creed, sexuality or personal beliefs. I believe I am allowed to question everything and accept nothing on face value for a reason. I believe no one but a woman has a right to control what she does with her own body for a reason.

It's okay to disagree with me. It's okay to think I'm wrong. It's just not okay to tell me to shut up or hide my views just because they make you uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, look inside yourself to find out why, don't look at others. They don't control how you feel, you do.

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